TIMS was founded in April 2003 as a New research center of University of Tsukuba

Photo (left&center): Laboratory of Advanced Research B.  There are 10 rooms of TIMS in total (The 1st B, 2nd and 12th floors)

Photo (right): Building A for Research Activities. There are 8 rooms (on the 1st floor)

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Frontier Materials Creation Functional Assembled Systems

Nano-Green Functions

Hybrid Materials Core  
Core of
Nano Structure
and Material
Quantum Material Core  
Molecules and Materials Transformation Core
Functional Correlated Materials Core  
Functional Polymer Research Core
Functional Carbon Core  
Energy Conversion Core  
Molecular Optical Function Core  


 (Last updated: May/2/2016)


 May/20/2016 Fri.
Kick- off Symposium for
Synchrotron Radiation Materials Science Course, PAS, Univ.Tsukuba
"Career-up as Scientist/Engineer through Use of Synchrotron Radiations"

January/19/2016 Tue.
2nd CiRfSE Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting :Session 3 :Research Core for Developing Energy and Environment-friendly Materials
<Program of Session 3>
<Report of Session 3>
Please see the web site of CiRfSE.

 Dec./7/2015 Mon.
Workshop on Bioenergy
<Program>    <Report>
 Sep./4/2015 Fri.
 IWP2015(University of Tsukuba)
 Aug./25-27  Tue.-Thu.
3rd TIA Nanogreen Summer School 2015 (University of Tsukuba)
 July /24/2015 Fri.
TIMS Interchange Meeting 2015
(1D-204, University of Tsukuba)
Prof. Akira Sekiguchi received Medal with Purple Ribbon(紫綬褒章) in April , 2014.

News & Topics

The paper authored by Prof. Nakamura's Group was published in "Science" in January 22. The title is "Active sites of nitrogen-doped carbon materials for oxygen reduction reaction clarified using model catalysts."
 <EurekAlert> [PDF]

 Sep/30/2015  Wed.

Tsukuba Global Science Week 2015(TGSW2015): Session 5 was held on Sep. 30th, 2015 at International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA.

Please refer to The Symposium's HP.
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 July/24/2015  Fri.

TIMS Interchange Meeting 2015 was held on July 24th 2015 at 1D204, University of Tsukuba.


 Mar./16-17/2015  Mon.-Tue

2015 CENIDE-CNMM-TIMS Joint Symposium on Nanoscience and -technology was held on March 16th-17th 2015

Please refer to The Symposium's HP.
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Event Archives
Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima has been appointed as the new director of TIMS from April 1st, 2015 in place of the previous diretor, Prof. Junji Nakamura. Prof. Nabeshima belongs to Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences , Division of Chemistry.

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